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Murphy’s Mum Fiona brought her 10 year old Labrador in, to take advantage of our senior health check. 
She had noticed he was slowing down and was lame on his right front leg. Murphy was suffering from Arthritis but hadn’t noticeably complained or appeared to be in pain. It was suspected that Murphy being a stoic Labrador was probably in more pain than he was letting on.
We took some bloods from Murphy and did a wellness check and these showed that his kidney and liver functions were good. 
As part of our senior health check our patients are entitled to a weeks free trial of a Non steroidal anti- inflammatory which helps treat painful conditions like arthritis. 
Murphy went home with his trial and showed a marked improvement with his activity levels and mobility.
Optimizing your pets weight is extremely effective when managing Arthritis. Murphy had gained weight over the last few years, so we discussed ways to address and deal with this.
Arthritis in dogs does not always present as an obviously painful condition. Dogs with chronic pain become less playful and less mobile , so the signs of arthritis can be subtle. They may hesitate or refuse to climb into a vehicle or climb stairs. As the disease progresses they may lose the ability to walk or perform normal daily activities.
It's Senior Health Check time NOW @ VETPlus! Phone 0800 VETPlus to discuss your senior pet.

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