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VETPlus Dog's Day Out 2016

An awesome day out with dog's and their families was held on Sunday in Rotorua. The sun was shining as the dogs spent the morning socialising with each other and their families, they enjoyed the activities, competitions and information on show. Nearly $4000 was raised and all this will go to the Rotorua SPCA!
BIG thanks to all those who came along, the volunteers and sponsors your help and contribution towards this day is very much appreciated. For more photos check out our Facebook page
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New Diet for Tussock!

When our pet dogs start to suffer with sore and aching joints due to degenerative joint disease their mobility and activity levels are reduced. It becomes an additional challenge for us as pet owners   to try and maintain our pets at a  healthy weight.

Hills have recently introduced an exciting new product which provides the ideal solution. Metabolic + mobility combines  the clinically proven benefits of  both 'JD' and 'metabolic', helping your pet gain more mobility whilst attaining their ideal body weight.

 'Tussock' Hill has recently switched from Hills  'JD' to 'metabolic + mobility'. In his first month he lost 1.1 kg. He is eating the same amount and been as active as ever, good effort Tussock!

If you feel metabolic + mobility may help your pet please feel free to contact us.

'Tussock' proudly weighing in at VETPlus.
Tussy Aug16




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