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VETPlus @ SPCA crosses the road and becomes VETPlus Pets, alongside the VETPlus Rural team at 37 Old Taupo Road.

Having outgrown the facilities at the SPCA our purpose-built animal health clinic opens for business on Monday 21st December and the team would like to welcome our loyal rural and companion animal clientele to the impressive new venue.

The front entrance of the building is where Rural customers will find their trusted veterinarians for all their dairy, deer, sheep, equine and lifestyle animal needs and the back of the building is for companion animal care.

The companion animal clinic contains full facilities for all animal health care, from health checks through to surgery. There are retail pet supplies including pet foods and flea products available.

VETPlus’ long term association with Rotorua SPCA will continue and we are proud to carry on being Rotorua SPCA’s principal veterinary sponsor.

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Dr Don 30 Years On.....

The year was 1985, hair was big, shoulder pads bigger, Tears for Fears wanted Everybody to Rule the World, Mo’s were the mark of a man and Don Shanks joined local veterinary practice (now) VETPlus—bringing his own Mo’!

30 years on and the team at VETPlus celebrate this great milestone with Don, no longer the new guy and a long time director in this locally owned veterinary practice which has been servicing the local community for over 40 years. “One of the neat things about being here for as long as I have is I get to watch puppies and kittens grow up and grow old with their families. Seeing the next generation come through is bittersweet, but it’s such a privilege to be part of that journey” says Don.

Don’s time at VETPlus has seen a few changes to the town, the clinic and the VETPlus team, however some of his colleagues have been here nearly as long as him; Jean Stephens, Leanne O’Donnell and vet Sally Aitken all joined the team in the 1980s and early 90s.

Don reflects three decades on, “We are still here because we enjoy it. It is fantastic to be part of such a caring and innovative business. People come and people go, but the heart of our business remains the same. We have embraced change and welcomed new technology without losing sight of our core values . Friendship and providing a high quality service will always be at the top of our list”.

Pictured below; Leanne, Sally, Don and Jean. 100+ combined service! 



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