Time For Your Senior Pet Health Check

October 29, 2020

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As your furry friend enters their golden years, it becomes essential to prioritise their well-being through annual senior health checks conducted by a veterinarian. These comprehensive evaluations help ensure your aging dog (7+) or cat (9+) maintains optimal health, quality of life.

Our Senior Pet Health Check focuses on these key health areas:

  • Comprehensive Physical Examination (Joints, Ears, Internal Organs)
  • Careful check of any Lumps and Bumps
  • Dental Examination
  • Blood Analysis
  • Urinalysis (Urine Test)
  • Weight Review and Nutrition Assessment
  • Vaccination Update

Your 30-minute consultation also provides an opportunity to raise any other concerns you might have. Our in-house diagnostic laboratory enables us to run your pet’s blood or urine tests on-site during their examination. This means we can pick up on any underlying issues and provide an immediate and tailored treatment plan for your pet.

2023 Pricing as follows:

  • Cats: $206.50
  • Dogs: $182.50

Call the VetPlus team on 0800 838 7587 to arrange an appointment.

Book your Senior Pet Health Check between now and 30 September 2023 and go in the draw to win the cost of your consult back!

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