How can a nutritional consult benefit your pet?

November 10, 2020

Reading Time: < 1 minute

At VetPlus we want to make sure that your pet is eating the best food for its health and longevity.  We will discuss your pet’s life stage and make a feeding recommendation based on age, breed, neutering status, body condition score, energy levels and dental health.    A child and a senior citizen wouldn’t eat the same food and this thinking should be applied to our fur babies.

We recommend premium foods which are scientifically formulated to benefit your pet.  These are made from high quality ingredients rather than filler ingredients and cereals.  This helps to avoid obesity, improve coat quality and reduce stool volume.  If your pet has specific health concerns, then our veterinarians may recommend a prescription diet.  These can significantly improve your pet’s wellbeing – from maintaining kidney function, to dissolving urinary crystals, supporting healthy joints, managing pancreatitis, relieving food/skin allergies and everything in between.

Our front of house team is available to help you with life stage feeding decisions or we recommend booking a consultation with one of our veterinarians for in depth discussion of diet and health concerns.