Keeping Your Senior Dog Warm This Winter

June 11, 2021

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Now daylight saving has finished there is no denying winter is on its way and it is time to find the electric blanket and get out the woolly hat. Cold weather and dark nights can take their toll on us, well how about our pets?

Here are some ways we can help our older dogs get through the winter whilst maintaining optimal health.

  • Having a high quality diet is essential whatever your dog’s life style. Some dogs especially those that are kennelled will be prone to weight loss as they burn more energy keeping warm on the colder days and nights.
  • If your dog does spend time kennelled it is important to consider the size of the kennel, dogs can curl up to be very small and during the winter months it is best that they fit snugly into their kennel. Kennels can also be insulated and warm beds provided.
  • Use of a well-fitting good quality dog coat will also help.
  • The majority of older dogs which live inside will actually find themselves becoming less active as winter arrives potentially struggling with weight gain.
  • Stiffness can also be a problem for our older pets and is exacerbated by the cold.
  • Be aware of your pets weight and exercise regime, slim and trim is good as is maintaining a constant amount of regular exercise.
  • Both supplements and diets containing glucosamine and chondroitin are available which will help maintain the health of your pets’ joints.
  • Provision of a soft or raised bed, out of draughts will help prevent pressure points and calluses developing.

So, in summary be aware of your pets’ weight, keep them warm, feed good quality food, and maintain regular exercise. If you have any questions regarding your pets’ diet, weight or health please come into one of our clinics and ask our staff. Dogs can come in to be weighed at any time.